iLoo, Lav Nav, and other names we didn’t think of

4 on chartWe’re delighted that our launch a few days ago has attracted plenty of media interest. On Friday, Toiluxe climbed to number 4 in the travel category sales chart at the iTunes Store.

Of course, it would have been better if all of that interest had actually been for an app called Toiluxe, rather than the non-existent iLoo. However, it’s attention nonetheless, and proof that our new app has struck a chord.

According to the Evening Standard:

“Worrying about being caught short while shopping in London could be a thing of the past.”

In the Independent, on the other hand:

“For those of us without a permanent work base, the iLoo will transform our lives. Let’s face it, these days the public loo is the new office … We should treat them with more reverence and make them easier to find.”

Quite. If you’re planning to be out and about in London over the festive period, you should buy Toiluxe from the App Store. Toiluxe (or iLoo) for the iPhone or iPod Touch costs just 59p.

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