Toiluxe is coming to London


No more dodging the till at Starbucks, waiting for the barman to look away, or holding on for the Tube ride home. The new Toiluxe app maps your route to a free luxury loo in central London—within 15 seconds.

Operating the app is easy. Fire it up, wait for your iPhone’s GPS to locate you, and Toiluxe instantly puts you on a Google Map and marks your nearest pleasant, clean, publicly-accessible toilets. Just tap the map for more detailed directions to your loo of choice. From a sneaky pee in a posh hotel lobby to a well-maintained washroom inside one of our fine public buildings, you’re rarely more than a couple of minutes from a super-loo in central London.

The main features of Toiluxe are:

  • Works on the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS, and iPod Touch
  • Lists almost 300 free central London loos found by our intrepid investigators: ideal for visitors to the city and Londoners out and about in town
  • Provides opening hours for all toilets, where these are available
  • No start-up screens that waste your time: Toiluxe pinpoints your 10 nearest toilets in under 15 seconds
  • A simple, user-friendly interface with no design fuss: this app is all about functionality
  • Costs just 59p from Apple’s iTunes Store—that’s barely more than the price of a single pee at Embankment Tube

Who is Toiluxe for?

  • Pregnant women
  • Parents with kids who need to go… right now
  • Diabetics
  • Seniors
  • Anyone too embarrassed, or unable because of language difficulties, to ask for directions
  • The late-running sales rep, emergency services staff out on call, in fact anyone who wants or needs to go—somewhere nicer than a fast-food joint

Jason Dunne, creator of the Toiluxe app and Publisher for London Smartphone, said:

“However hard you search the Web, there’s nowhere else that collects this information together for Londoners. So we did it ourselves. We recommend quite a few sneaky spots in such locations as swanky Mayfair hotels, but they’re all buldings designed for the public to come and go. Everybody’s a sucker for linen hand-towels and Molton Brown soap, and we won’t send you anywhere the public aren’t supposed to be: the app often directs you how to get in and out without anyone objecting. Our ultimate aim is to throw this open as a Wiki, and offer it free to all Londoners and anyone visiting our city.”

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